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Smartphone and Tablet Usage Data for New Zealand

Smartphone and Tablet usage is booming in New Zealand as data from these recent surveys can confirm.

Frost & Sullivan New Zealand Mobile Device Usage Report 2013 

According to Frost & Sullivan, 64% of New Zealanders between 15 – 65  own a smartphone and 26% own a tablet. With tablets being a less personal device, it’s relevant to note that 42% of all NZ households have at least one tablet, which is used by multiple people.  The New Zealand Mobile Device Usage report looks at smartphone and tablet ownership and usage trends.  Also covered are forecasts for device ownership to 2018, with NZ predicted to reach 90% smartphone ownership and 78% tablet ownership in 4 years time.  Other data from the report includes:

Of New Zealanders between 15 – 65

  • 64% currently own a smartphone
  • 26% currently own a tablet

Of NZ smartphone owners:

  • 64% prefer Android as an operating platform
  • 24% prefer Apple’s iOS operating platform
  • 51% have used their smartphone to locate stores
  • 31% have used their smartphone to compare prices
  • 26% watch user generated content most days

Of NZ internet users between 15 – 65

  • 28% have purchased products via smartphone
  • 18% have purchased products via tablet
  • 61% of New Zealanders access social networking via an app or mobile website

Google Our Mobile Planet New Zealand Data 2013

The Google Our Mobile Planet Survey is carried out each year and covers many regions of the world. The website offers interactive charts which you can use to specify the country, behaviour and usage data you wish to view.  Data includes smartphone ownership, mobile app and site usage, social media and local search behaviour and responses to advertising and business information on smartphones.

The chart below illustrates activities that NZ smartphone users have used on their smartphones.   For additional custom charts and much more data on smartphone usage in New Zealand, visit the Our Mobile Planet website, select your criteria and create a chart. ourmobileplanet.com_chart_4291fdc4

Below is some more data drawn from the Our Mobile Planet website.

Of NZ smartphone users:

Usage and Behaviour:

  • 67% have used an application
  • 91% access the internet at least once a day from their smartphone
  • 51% use their smartphone while watching TV
  • 45% have used their smartphone to purchase a product or service
  • 63% have done online banking or used a financial service
  • 63% have sent email
  • 90% have used Facebook on their smartphone
  • 59% have watched videos
  • 51% use it for email daily

Local Search, Shopping and Advertising

  • 88% have noticed ads on their smartphone
  • 19% have clicked on an ad
  • 91% have looked for local information
  • 45% have called a business after looking for local information
  • 48% have visited a business after looking for local information
  • 45% have looked up a business on a map or got directions
  • 29% made a purchase from a business after looking for local information
  • 50% have called a business after searching for local information

App Usage

  • New Zealanders have an average of 27 apps on their smartphone
  • New Zealanders use an average of 10 apps actively
  • New Zealanders have an average of 7 paid apps

Statcounter Mobile vs Desktop Usage forNew Zealand


The Statcounter website offers an interactive tool that can be used to calculate web and device usage of global web traffic for most countries of the world.  The data is updated monthly and is a good illustration of the growth of mobile data usage globally and as indicator of how individual countries compare. Below is data for April 2014, or visit Statcounter to calculate data for a specific date range.

In March 2014

  • NZ Web traffic on mobile devices was 14.7% of all web traffic
  • NZ Web traffic on tablet devices was 10.2% of all web traffic
  • Global Web Traffic on mobile devices in March 2014 was 23.9% of all web traffic
  • Global Web traffic on tablet devices in March 2014 was 5.8% of all web traffic


Roy Morgan Single Source, New Zealand May – October 2013 

Roy Morgan has identified an interesting trend for Smartphone Users in New Zealand. Apparently smartphone owners are more likely to notice outdoor ads than non-smartphone owners.  This is good news for marketers who want to link outdoor messaging with device specific activity.  See this article from Roy Morgan Smartphones connecting with Outdoor Advertising for detailed results and breakdowns.

In the six months to October 2013:

  • 54% of smartphone owners noticed billboards compared with only 43% of others
  • 50% of smartphone owners noticed ads on bus shelters compared with only 35% of people without a smartphone
  • Smartphone owners are more likely to notice outdoor ads than non-smartphone owners (includes billboards, shoppping centres, supermarket trolleys, screens in lifts, mobile billboards, public transport, gyms, news stands and more – see report for details)

Mobile Advertising Spend

Finally, the IABNZ Mobile Advertising Council reports that  Mobile Ad Spend in New Zealand almost doubled from $2.83 million in 2012 to $5.60 million in 2013.  The council forecasts that spend will double again in 2014.

Mobile Advertising Growth



Mobile App Revolution

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Welcome To The Mobile App Revolution

  • The web as we know it is dying
  • Mobile devices and tablets are taking over
  • Apps & mobile websites are replacing conventional websites
  • 43% of mobile users have downloaded a retail app
  • Approximately 52 % of smartphone users will use their device to research products, redeem coupons and use apps to assist in their holiday gift purchase
  • Worldwide mobile application store downloads increased 117% in 2011 over 2010. By the end of 2014, it is forecast that over 185 billion applications will have been downloaded from mobile app stores, since the launch of the first one in July 2008
  • 242 million apps downloaded on Christmas day, 2011
  • 1.2 billion mobile app downloads during the Christmas week, 2011
  • We now live in a mobile world
  • It’s time for you to Go Mobile!!

Key Benefits of a Mobile App

  • One on one intimate communication with your customer
  • Push Notifications” – specials, discounts, coupons, etc – 97% opening rate vs 4% with email can be sent to everyone who has downloaded your App – FREE to send
  • Loyalty programme utilizing your QR code
  • Viral marketing – “Tell a Friend” share this app
  • Constant branding- right on your customers mobile device. They are within 1 metre of them almost 24 hours a day
  • A platform for proof – important info, testimonials, customer interaction photos and videos
  • GPS directions to your location
  • One tap calling from their mobile device
  • Connect to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

To Compete You Will Need An App & a Mobile Optimized Website

  • 44% of Facebook users are on mobile devices at any given time
  • 55% of all active Twitter users are active on mobile
  • Mobile commerce is taking off
  • 65% of mobile users said they used their mobile device to find a business to make an in-store purchase
  • In the past 12 months customers around the world have ordered over US$1 billion of products from Amazon from a mobile device
  • NZ has 53 mobile broadband or data subscriptions for every 100 people – and growing
  • Over 50% (and growing) of local searches are from mobile devices
  • 65% of mobile users use their device to locate a store, venue or event
  • 95% seek info; 88% take action within a day; 77% called or visited the business searched for
  • Mobile users are action takers

So if you’re marketing on Facebook and/or Twitter but not giving your customers mobile friendly content then you’re alienating over 50% of your customers.

You need to optimize your Facebook site and website for mobile, otherwise you’re missing out. Mobile Fusion can build you a mobile optimized website and/or a highly converting FaceBook like page.

QR Codes

While QR Codes are an integrale component in the loyalty programme using an App, they are much more than just that. Consumer engagement is one of the main reasons companies are looking to incorporate QR Codes in their online and offline presense. As soon as a code is scanned the consumer has been engaged.

  • There has been a 9,840% increas in the use of QR Codes in the USA in 2011 compared to 2010
  • Currently 60% of QR codes are scanned from an iPhone, 25% from an Andriod device (growing rapidly) and 12% from other devices
  • 5 out of 10 people know about QR Codes
  • 3 out of 10 people have scanned one
  • 35 – 44 year olds are scanning codes the most
  • 64% of QR codes scanned are done so by women
A Savvy Business Might Link A QR Code
  • to your mobile website
  • to special promotions, events, gigs or concerts
  • to download your app
  • to a loyalty programme through your branded app
  • to your business card
  • to a coupon for a discount off their first visit
  • to a contest or promotion
  • to a Google map to your nearest locations