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We create interactive, modern, eye-catching websites. We also, help you build strong online presence. The Local Web NZ team creates online strategies for businesses of every shape, size and purpose, and customised to the needs of your business. Every online strategy looks and feels different depending on what your business is like and what industry you’re in.

We're passionate about helping businesses improve their online user experience and therefore generate more traffic and increase online sales.
"Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there."
-Bernice Fitz-Gibbon

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SEO has become widely adopted as an online marketing strategy because of its effectiveness. While the benefits of SEO are vast, here are the top 5.Read more

Google Adwords

Benefits of advertising with Google AdWords

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Website Design

Our thorough, proven design methodology helps shape projects, products and businesses, and creates brilliant results.
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Ongoing Support

We are dedicated to offer you the best service with support you can rely on. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or require assistance.
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Local Web NZ is a small but perfectly formed web development/ marketing company that offers effective internet marketing solutions to any business, no matter what their size or budget. 

Why choose us:

  • In house Experts
  • Free Advice
  • We are local
  • Work with all budgets
  • 7 days of support
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Best support which is a phone call away
  • 100% Guaranteed

Explore the Endless Possibilities for your business!

We can help your business with all digital media – Branding | Website design | Mobile Design | Mobile Apps | Social Media Marketing | Google Adwords | SEO (Search Engine Optimisation,) Email Marketing | Logo Design | Graphic Design

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